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Otrivin® nasal sprays

Posted by Pharmacy Club & Xtreme Chemist on

Otrivin® nasal sprays provide a variety of treatments for nasal congestion and may deliver faster, more targeted relief than traditional oral decongestants.1,2 

All Otrivin® medicated nasal sprays contain xylometazoline, a vasoconstrictor, that works by constricting blood vessels in the nasal passage.1,2

Xylometazoline is an effective active ingredient which:1,3

  • - Quickly decongests the nasal passages
  • - Targets nasal congestion at the source
  • - Reduces swelling
  • - Acts within 5 minutes
  • - Gives relief for up to 10 hours.

Topical decongestants, such as xylometazoline, provide the most immediate relief due to their targeted administration to the nose. They may also be a more suitable option due to the smaller potential for systemic side effects compared with oral decongestants.3,4

Additionally, for customers requiring relief from a runny and congested nose, Otrivin® Plus combines the decongestant effects of xylometazoline with ipratropium, to reduce watery discharge production in the nasal passages and stops a runny nose.5

Help customers with nasal symptoms beat the cold and flu season this year with the over-the-counter Otrivin® medicated nasal spray range.

Remember that Nasal Spray should not be used more than 5 days, if symptoms persist, please see your medical practitioner.

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