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Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice Blocks and dehydration

Posted by Xtreme Chemist and Pharmacy club on

Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice Blocks

When diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, colds or flu strikes, the result is often an increase in body temperature and a loss of fluids that can lead to dehydration, but in the young and the elderly the consequences can be severe. That’s why Gastrolyte’s range of oral rehydration products has been developed to replace lost minerals and electrolytes to manage the symptoms of mild dehydration and get your customers back on their feet—fast!

Gastrolyte - the brand you know and trust for over 20 years - continues to innovate and has developed the Ready to Eat Jelly-Ice Blocks, specifically formulated with children’s health in mind. They are ideal when rapid rehydration is needed as they can be eaten straight from the pack—or when frozen. This is a real bonus for parents of sick children, in particular, as there is no need to worry about mixing the correct dosage for their child’s weight.

Common signs of dehydration in children are lethargy, restlessness and irritability which can make getting much needed fluids into them difficult. Great tasting Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice Blocks are ideal for children because there’s no mess, no fuss and the fun jelly formulation is appealing.

Available in two child-friendly flavours (orange and strawberry) and they contain no artificial flavours.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional

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