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Burnaid® for first aid treatment of minor burns

Only about 6% of Australians know how to treat a burn correctly, and many use items such as ice, butter or toothpaste on burns¹ – which can damage the delicate skin under the burn. Burnaid® products are specially designed for the first aid treatment of minor burns, scalds and sunburn. The gel cools and soothes burns [...]

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Laxettes Activ8 - Gentle 7-day treatment for constipation relief

New Laxettes Activ8 is a 7 day treatment pack that relieves constipation discomfort in a gentle way in up to 24 hours. Its reliable triple action formula works by drawing water into the digestive tract to soften, lubricate and relieve bowel tension, restoring the body’s natural rhythm. So it works gently and helps to avoid [...]

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