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Congratulations to Amanda for wining our Leap Reader prize. Wishing Amanda and her family the best of health and hoping that they enjoy they prize.

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Bushman Repellant and the Summer season

With Summer at the doors, and holidays and camps it is the right time to think about one of the best repellants available and that offers a high level of protection and long lasting.  Bushman was created to be the very best insect repellent available, with a priority on long-lasting effectiveness in real-world scenarios, whilst [...]

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TOUGHON YOUR NASAL ALLERGY SYMPTOMS, BECAUSE THESE SYMPTOMS ARE TOUGH ON YOUAirborne allergens bombarding your nasal passages can result in inflammation, which leads to those frustrating, tough nasal allergy symptoms like congestion, runny nose, sneezing and itchy nose.Nasonex ALLERGY is a once daily nasal spray that is clinically proven* to be highly effective on your [...]

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Otrivin® nasal sprays

Otrivin® nasal sprays provide a variety of treatments for nasal congestion and may deliver faster, more targeted relief than traditional oral decongestants.1,2 All Otrivin® medicated nasal sprays contain xylometazoline, a vasoconstrictor, that works by constricting blood vessels in the nasal passage.1,2 Xylometazoline is an effective active ingredient which:1,3 - Quickly decongests the nasal passages - Targets [...]

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Influenza in Children

How serious is seasonal influenza for children?Influenza causes substantial illness in children every year. (3)Of all vaccine preventable diseases, influenza is the leading cause of hospitalisation among Australian children under five years of age. (4)Children are much more likely to contract influenza in any given season (20-50% compared with 10-30% in adults), with up to [...]

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Flu Fiction

We all have those questions and wonder is it true or fiction?... and wonder of the information i heard is correct or not. So we thought to bust some of those myths.Myth 1: Influenza is not serious!It can be …Influenza (commonly known as the flu) is a highly contagious and for some a potentially life-threatening disease. [...]

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Be Smart About Flu

Protect yourselves and others from catching the fluTo get vaccinated against influenza is the single best prevention for yourself and others.Annual flu vaccination is the best way to prevent yourself from getting the flu, and from then passing it on to someone else. Flu vaccination is very important for people who are at-risk of [...]

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The natural healthy way to reduce cholesterol and reduce blood glucose levels after meals

Betaglucare is an oat based food made from made high quality Scandinavian oats, rich in beta-glucan. It is available in either a crisp heart or powder form. When eaten daily in the required quantity, it reduces your LDL cholesterol and reduces blood glucose levels after meals.Each box contains 28 daily sachets. Each sachet contains 3 [...]

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Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice Blocks and dehydration

Gastrolyte Jelly-Ice BlocksWhen diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, colds or flu strikes, the result is often an increase in body temperature and a loss of fluids that can lead to dehydration, but in the young and the elderly the consequences can be severe. That’s why Gastrolyte’s range of oral rehydration products has been developed to replace lost [...]

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There's always the question posed what is a generic ? and why? and is it cheaper? would it give me the same benefits as the brand?so Xtreme Chemist chose Apotex as their generic medication supplier and they have all those questions answered for you in the following blog.Please feel free to comment or ask a [...]

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